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2000 Latiolais Award Recipient


Michael L. Kleinberg

The Clifton J. Latiolais Award, named in honor of Dr. Latiolais, is presented annually to a graduate of a program participating in the Residency in Hospital Pharmacy/Master of Science program at The Ohio State University or to an individual intimately involved with the development of the programs. The Award is given to an individual of high professional ideals who has made significant contributions to institutional pharmacy practice, education, administration and/or research. The individual will have demonstrated throughout his/her career the philosophical perspectives, personal committment and enthusiasm for excellence which Dr. Latiolais sought to develop in his residents.

The Selection Committee is honored to present the 2000 Clifton J. Latiolais Award to Michael L. Kleinberg.

Michael L. Kleinberg, PharmD, MS, FASHP is Vice President of Professional Services, Immunex Corporation, Seattle, Washington. Immunex Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving lives through immune system science innovations. The company, based in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 1981.

Michael also holds appointments as Associate Clinical Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Washington, Seattle and Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington.

Michael came to Immunex in 1990 and was charged with the establishment of a Professional Services Department. The primary goal was to support the organization by providing a drug information service for its first marketed product. Over the years, the mission of Professional Services grew to encompass a number of different professional activities. The mission now reads, Professional Services support the goals of the corporation by positioning and disseminating scientific data, and meeting the professional needs of our internal and external customers. This includes drug information, drug surveillance, health economics and patient outcomes, scientific publications and meeting strategies, a corporate advisory board, complimentary drug supply programs, and various education programs. The mission is fulfilled by utilizing 30 FTE's, of which 23 are pharmacists.

Michael received his BS in Pharmacy (1971) from the University of Arizona, completed his MS and residency requirements in hospital pharmacy (1973) at The Ohio State University, and received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Washington State University in 1998. Dr. Kleinberg's pharmacy experience includes serving as the Director of Drug Information, Bethesda Hospital, Zanesville, Ohio in 1973; the Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Ohio State University Hospitals from 1974 to 1979; the Associate Director of Pharmacy, University of California San Diego Medical Center from 1979-1984; and the Director of Pharmacy, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), New York, N.Y. from 1984- 1989.

During his time in institutional practice, Michael established numerous teaching programs, co-authored a Technician Training Manual, refined unit dose and intravenous admixture services, and clinical programs. A residency training program, fellowship program, and pharmacy student programs were initiated. Under Michael's direction, the Department of Pharmacy at MSKCC was placed on the Medical Board creating equal status for pharmacy as a clinical division, along with medicine and surgery.

While at Immunex, Michael also established a training program in biotechnology for Doctor of Pharmacy students and a Biotechnology Fellowship for pharmacists and rheumatologists. A research component in quality of life and health economics was initiated and established in the Professional Services department. Several papers have been published based on this activity.

Dr. Kleinberg is past president of the San Diego Society of Health-System Pharmacists. He is a member of the American Society of HealthSystem Pharmacists, California Society of Health-System Pharmacists and Washington Society of Health-System Pharmacists. He was recognized in 1988 as a Fellow of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. He is a past recipient of the Roche Hospital Pharmacy Research Award, a past member of the Bristol-Myers Oncology Advisory Board and the Cetus Oncology Advisory Board and the Editorial Boards of Antineoplastic Drugs, Outpatient Chemotherapy, and American Druggist. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of Hospital Pharmacy. He has published several articles on hospital pharmaceutical services. In 1995, Dr. Kleinberg received an appointment by the Governor of Washington to the Washington State Board of Pharmacy and was reappointed in 1999. He served as its' chairman in 1998 and 1999. He has also been selected for membership on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. During his tenure on the Board of Pharmacy, Michael was instrumental in redefining the role of the pharmacist within Washington State, updating laws associated with the use of pharmacy technicians, and encouraging the use of Pharmacist Professional Practice Standards, which will mintmize detailed rules and regulations, while increasing the pharmacists role in pharmaceutical care.

The Clifton J. Latiolais Award Selection Committee recognizes Dr. Kleinberg for his contributions and dedication to pharmacy practice and for his dedication to the values that were both characteristic and important to Clif Latiolais. Please join in congratulating Michael on this significant and rewarding achievement.

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