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2004 Latiolais Award Recipient


James A Visconti

James A. Visconti received a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy [STLCOP] in 1961 and was awarded the Outstanding Senior Student. In 1963, he completed a two year hospital pharmacy residency at the John Cochran VA Hospital, St. Louis, MO. and received his M.Sc. in hospital pharmacy from STLCOP. Jim married Madelyn M. Dennis, RN, BSN, a nurse at the VA hospital that spring.

Following graduation, he joined the VA Medical Center, Long Beach, CA. as a research pharmacist, responsible for coordination and control of investigational drug studies. Madelyn became a staff nurse at the medical center. In 1964, the couple returned to St. Louis where Jim became a staff pharmacist at the VA hospital and Madelyn gave birth to Mary Christine. On the move again, Jim was awarded an AFPE fellowship and the Robert Lincoln McNeil fellowship to begin doctoral studies in pharmacology at the University of Florida, Gainesville in the autumn 1965. After a year of work, a series of unfortunate accidents and illnesses decimated the pharmacology faculty leaving the graduate students in a holding pattern unsure of the department's future as well as their own.

These circumstances led Jim to the University of Mississippi in 1966 to continue doctoral work under the direction of Mickey C. Smith, Ph.D. In 1967, he was awarded a public health service fellowship for his studies, the first for the department of pharmaceutical administration at "Ole Miss". His dissertation research was carried out at the Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO. in conjunction with Jay Smith, MD and Carl Moore, MD.

Jim received his Ph.D. in 1969 and was recruited to the Ohio State University by Clifton J. Latiolais and Lloyd M. Parks, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, to direct the Drug Information Center at the Medical Center and begin to development and coordinate a group of clinical teachers/practitioners to introduce the concepts of clinical pharmacy into the undergraduate curriculum at the college. The DIC not only served as Jim's practice site but also as a valuable clinical teaching site for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Many of the therapeutic problems posed provided the ideas for new courses, new approaches to problems and actual practical examples for students to develop and sharpen their clinical decision-making skills.

Jim received a Roche Hospital Pharmacy Research award in 1969, 1972 and 1974. He was awarded with Andy Roberts MS, the ASHP Research Award for the most significant contribution to hospital pharmacy research in 1972. He was the co-recipient with Richard Reuning, Ph.D. of the AACP Lyman Award in 1975 for the most significant article published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. The ASHP awarded Jim and William Puckett, M.Sc. the 1980 Research Award, awarded for the most significant contribution to Hospital Pharmacy Research published in the American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy. Dr. Visconti was elected to the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacists roll of honor in 1986.

Dr. Visconti received the first ASHP Research & Education Foundation two year preceptor fellowship in drug information in 1991. He received one-year preceptor fellowship in 1988 and 1989. He was a Facts & Comparison drug information fellowship preceptor in 1991 and 1989 and an AFPE drug information preceptor in 1991. He has presented 110 invited lectures, 50 contributed papers, 125 local and CE presentations, published 14 book chapters and 125 refereed articles and has been elected to the editorial board of 22 different publications while at Ohio State. He has been the principle investigator of 80 in vitro and human studies sponsored by various pharmaceutical firms, the FDA, foundations and philanthropic organizations with funding totaling two million dollars.

Jim has served on many committees of the ASHP and APhA, particularly in the area of drug information. He was elected the first chairman (1990-1995) of the Expert Advisory Panel on Drug Information Science, the USP General Committee on Revision. He was voted the outstanding co-preceptor by the 1994 Pharm.D. class and presented the Outstanding Achievement Award from STLCOP in 2001. Dr. Visconti retired in 2004 and is now professor emeritus and can be found most days in his new third floor office at the Ohio State University Medical Center.