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2010 Latiolais Award Recipient


Jay Mirtallo

Jay Mirtallo is Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Director of the M.S. in Health-Systems Pharmacy (MSHSP) program at The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice and Administration Division. As Director of the MSHSP program, Mr. Mirtallo coordinates the didactic portion of the program with the area Directors of the Administrative residency combined with the MSHSP. He is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the curricula and direct data-driven improvements in the program. In this endeavor, he is committed to fostering a strong leadership program in Health-Systems pharmacy that includes effective communication along with honesty, integrity and responsible decision-making.

In his role at The Ohio State University Medical Center, Mr. Mirtallo will focus on medication safety, specific to nutrition support. In this endeavor, he will respond to events for both enteral and parenteral nutrition. The purpose of these efforts will be to enhance the safety of these therapies and identify systems-related issues related to performance or knowledge deficits that need to be improved.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Mirtallo was Specialty Practice Pharmacist in Nutrition Support and Surgery at The Ohio State University Medical Center. As one of the pharmacy specialist pioneers, he was instrumental in leading cost-effective practices in parenteral nutrition and advancing the role of the pharmacist on nutrition support services. His research focused on comparative evaluations of amino acid injection products, the use of fat as a calorie source, parenteral nutrition compatibility and stability, the effects of starvation on hepatic function in swine and systems issues in the preparation, administration and management of parenteral nutrition.

Mr. Mirtallo has been very active in professional societies and is currently President-elect of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.). He had previously served A.S.P.E.N. as Director of Advocacy, Secretary/Treasurer and Vice President. He will serve as President of A.S.P.E.N. from June 2011 through May 2012. Although he served on many A.S.P.E.N committees, he was a long-standing member of the Public Policy Committee. He chaired a Joint Task Force of A.S.P.E.N. and ASHP on Safe Practices for Parenteral Nutrition in 1994 and its subsequent revision in 2004. He also represented A.S.P.E.N. to the Joint Commission where he served on the task force that created the Nutrition Care Standards and assisted with revision of the Medication Use standards. This affiliation evolved into Mr. Mirtallo becoming a surveyor for the Home Care Accreditation program and an educator in the Joint Commission's consultative and management program in the area of performance improvement and implementation of the Drug-related problem model of Hepler and Strand. Mr. Mirtallo has been actively involved with nutrition support guidelines and served on the guideline editorial board for A.S.P.E.N.'s 2002 guideline revision and currently serves on the International Guideline Committee. Recently, he co-authored an etiology-based definition of malnutrition which is being considered by the National Center for Health-Care Statistics to replace the current malnutrition ICD-9 codes for medicare reimbursement for nutrition services.

Mr. Mirtallo has received several awards including Hospital pharmacist of the Year (1985) from the Ohio Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Member of the Year (2004-2005) from the Ohio Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, The Jerry Siegel Clinical Achievement Award (2007), The Stanley Serlick Award of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition and Hospira, Inc (2007) and the Clinical Practice Award of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (2007).

Mr. Mirtallo is from a small town in upstate New York in the heart of the Catskills. He is a graduate of the University of Toledo where he received his B.S. in Pharmacy in 1976 and subsequently received his M.S in Hospital Pharmacy at the Ohio State University and Residency in Hospital Pharmacy at the Ohio State University Medical Center in 1978. He credits much of his success to his mentors at the University of Toledo, Dr's Kenneth Bachman and Robert Schlembach and at Ohio State University Hospitals: Clifton J Latiolais, Philp J. Schneider, Dr's Peter J. Fabri, Robert Ruberg and Kenneth Kudsk as well as James Visconti and all of the M.S. residents who allowed him to participate in their projects. Most of all, he is indebted to his wife, Susan Ezzone, for her companionship, understanding and advice.

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